Viral Marketing Initiatives

Viral marketing refers to advertising methods that spread spontaneously through word-of-mouth and internet buzz. It naturally piques people’s interest and swiftly travels over the internet. Social media platforms are usually the source of viral marketing efforts since they are built for content sharing. The distribution of information, in essence, draws attention and generates debate. It is not certain that viral marketing will produce viral results. Many firms make an attempt, but only a few are successful in achieving the required level of international awareness.

When extending your brand’s wings and becoming viral, there are a few crucial elements to keep in mind, much like any other marketing strategy:

  1. Properly use the appropriate platform.

Successful viral marketing requires selecting the right platform for your campaign, even if you have to cross over to other platforms..

2. It connects with the audience

A good viral marketing campaign considers the target demographic. For a campaign to go viral, it must resonate with the target audience and make them feel passionately enough about your content that they decide to share it with their family, friends, and other social media followers.

Doves project #showus is a perfect example of connecting with your audience. Dove worked with Girlgaze, Getty Images, and women worldwide to develop a photo collection to bust beauty clichés after learning that 70% of women do not feel represented in media and advertising.

Dove Project #ShowUs

3. It is easy to share and promote

Allow your visitors to share, embed, and download all of your content so that they can instantly tag their parents on Facebook, contact their best friends on Instagram, or download your video to simply turn it to a memorable GIF. Create calls-to-action or other elements that encourage users to share your material with their friends. One outstanding example of a call-to-action is from Amazon. Customers abandon their shopping carts for a variety of reasons, one of which is a time-consuming checkout procedure. Their well-known “Buy now with 1-Click” option significantly speeds up the sales procedure.

amazon call-to-action

4. It should be creative and unique

Do something unexpected, Originality is required. The most effective viral campaigns are developed by thinking outside the box. Take for example the Dumb Ways to Die railway safety public service announcement campaign developed by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. With 200 million app downloads, a quarter-billion video views, and 3 billion individual game plays, what began as a humorous message about keeping safe around Melbourne, Australia’s commuter system trains has transformed into an entertainment property. The ad video became viral as a result of social media sharing. The campaign was unique due to its its black-humored list of reckless ways to die video. “The clip employs an insanely catchy tune and colorful blobs which die in a variety of ways, including “keeping a rattlesnake as a pet” and “selling both kidneys on the Internet,” before culminating in train-related deaths that are described as “the dumbest way to die”.”

5. Visual Consistency

Homewares, for example, might be viewed as monotonous and uninteresting. Using characters to bring them to life can add a lot of personality to your brand messaging, and it’s a great way to make something that was previously dull relevant on social media. Color association alone may instantly identify some of the world’s most well-known businesses. Consider the green of Starbucks versus the blue of Tiffany’s. With some brands its characters, take for instance the cuddly bear Charmin utilizes.  Their ability to remain constant means that you’ll recognize them as soon as you see the bear faces, and their white and blue brand backdrops provide a visual brand consistency .Every time they begin a campaign, their hashtag, unsurprisingly, becomes a trending topic on Twitter.

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